Watching Earth In 4K From Space Is Just About The Calmest Thing You'll See All Day

Absolutely stunning...

NASA has uploaded what is easily some of the best footage of Earth we've ever seen and it comes courtesy of a special RED Epic Dragon 4K camera that's currently residing on the International Space Station.

NASA then took the footage and have very kindly uploaded it to YouTube for our viewing pleasure.

Thankfully for us this isn't the only 4K footage of life aboard the International Space Station.

The crew have actually had the camera since last year and have been using the Hollywood-quality camera to capture some absolutely stunning footage of both Earth below and life aboard the station.

If you're looking for the ultimate 4K experience then you can head on over to NASA's own UHD archive which will allow you to download the footage directly rather than streaming it via YouTube.

You'll then be able to play the footage natively through your no-doubt super-sized 4K TV. Enjoy!