9 Small Things to Help You De-stress After A Busy Day At Work

That don't include punching your boss.

We are all familiar with long days at work - deadlines missed, bosses made angry, a disappointing lunch, and then to top it all off you can’t even get a seat on the train.

So it is essential that we all keep a go-to reserve of activities that can instantly make us feel de-stressed and ensure that we are making the most of our time away from the office.

In celebration of Stress Awareness Month (April) we have got together nine things you can try this evening if you have had a


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1. Turn off your devices.

As soon as you leave the office. Do it now.

2. Listen to a podcast.

Even if you don’t have a seat on your chosen mode of transport, you’ll barely notice with the sound of Kirsty Young ringing in your ears.

3. Go for a short walk.

Get off the bus a stop early or take the scenic route home from the station. The world is your oyster.

4. Make a hot drink.

As soon as you step in that door, put the kettle on. Add a biscuit for extra good luck.

5. Water your plants.

While your tea is brewing, tend to your plants. If this seems too much like a chore, ignore them for another day.

6. Light some candles.

They might be a fire hazard, but somehow they are still the most relaxing thing we own.

7. Do some adult colouring.

It might seem like something you would recommend to a toddler but mindfullness experts have endorsed it as a good way to relax.

8. Take a bath.

Get your Pretty Woman on people.

9. Try meditation.

If the bath didn’t do it for you then try some short meditation or visualisations of calm places, like a beach. Breathe with purpose and count your breathing.