11/12/2017 12:07 GMT | Updated 11/12/2017 12:07 GMT

We Need To Get Back Into Gear In 2018

Let’s tell it as it is and pierce this facade of a thriving Britain and tackle our problems head on.

What a year it’s been. Brexit? No Brexit? Election? No Election? That’s just British politics. I need a lie down.

This country is in a bit of a mess. All eyes are on us from the rest of the world and in my opinion we are not performing. As a young person interested in politics and the future of my country, I am utterly confused and bemused by Brexit. Despite following the news, doing my own research and campaigning myself, I am none the wiser on our departure from the European Union - is it still happening? By the time you read this article that answer could have changed.

Last week the value of University was called into question, something I’ve long thought needed to be debated. I chose not to go to University, it seemed outdated to me. Anything I needed to learn to get a job or, as I did, run my own business, I could pick up myself online or through other courses. I didn’t want to chain myself to a desk or coursework for any more years after suffering the hell of a tedious school life which was fraught with bullies.

Hate speech, online trolls, controversial columnists getting sacked, MPs scandals, sex abuse in Hollywood, political apathy, a devalued University system and a feeling among my generation that enough is enough.

Young people turned out to vote in June of this year for change. Strong, stable, steady leadership does not win any more. Actually I believe Theresa May’s current leadership is more like weak, wobbly and to put it politely, frazzling.

Can anymore tell me where we will draw a line and put a stop to all of this?

I’ve found it amusing to see the reaction to some of my comments and columns over the past few months. I was scalded by older people for suggesting that young people didn’t want Brexit, I was previously barraged with online abuse after my father’s gambling addiction and calling for tighter industry regulations - now the government is looking into it... I was also laughed at for thinking Jeremy Corbyn could have a chance of running the country, though opinion polls at present suggest he’d be great for the job.

I want 2018 to be prosperous for us and I’m setting out my manifesto here. Theresa I hope you are listening. We need an economy focused on everyday people. The rich people are fine they have money, the people below the breadline have benefits. What about the working poor? People whose wages don’t stretch far enough, who are hit by rising energy prices and unfair corporate competition in key markets. We need to herald entrepreneurs and really push them to grow - especially the young ones. I still passionately believe years on that young people need bona fide opportunities to create their own jobs and the UK still doesn’t have a fit for purpose programme for doing this. Start Up Loans are not good enough - it’s about as useful as going to University, just a lump of debt and that’s it. I want to see our industries come back - the UK needs to be attractive for investment and put its money where its mouth is in terms of innovation and our staple industries. They died years ago.

We need real talk politics. No more schmoozing, nights out at the House of Lords or robotic opaque statements to the media. Let’s tell it as it is and pierce this facade of a thriving Britain and tackle our problems head on. 2018 I’m ready!