Wes Anderson Reveals The 1 Dream Project He's Still Never Got Round To Making

"They're so entertaining and so complex."
Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson
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After working with some of the most impressive stars in Hollywood, creating a visual style so distinct there’s no mistaking his visuals and, of course, winning an Oscar, Wes Anderson’s list of accomplishments is pretty impressive.

But the much-loved filmmaker has revealed there’s still one item on his to-do list that he’s never really got round to.

According to Bang, the director told reporters at the Annecy Animation Festival on Wednesday that he’s keen to adapt a Charles Dickens novel in the future.

“I feel like the writer who I would like to adapt – who I don’t know if I can see the opportunity – is Dickens,” he explained. “I would like to do a big Dickens story.

“They’ve all been adapted. They’ve all been done many times. They’re so interesting. People keep going back to them. They’re so entertaining and so complex.”

Wes first spoke publicly of his hopes to adapt a Charles Dickens story back in 2018.

He told Time Out: “A luxury that’s not going to be afforded to me is to adapt a Dickens book that has never been done before. Every Dickens story has been done so many times there’s really no room [for another].

“But I think I would love to do a story that was set in Dickensian London.”

Wes noted that David Copperfield would be his top pick to adapt for the big screen, even if “it would be hard to have an original take on it”.

Dev Patel played David Copperfield in a 2019 film adaptation
Dev Patel played David Copperfield in a 2019 film adaptation
Dean Rogers/Searchlight Pictures/THA/Shutterstock

Last year, Wes adapted a series of Roald Dahl stories into Netflix shorts, one of which – The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar – earned him his first Oscar win.

He previously adapted Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox into a stop-motion animated movie, featuring voice work from George Clooney and Meryl Streep.


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