Move Over Sephora, Charlotte Tilbury's New Westfield Store Is About To Blow Your Mind

There's a 'magic mirror' that lets you virtually try on makeup.

Charlotte Tilbury is opening her second beauty store in London’s Westfield White City shopping centre on Thursday 3 November.

The new shop is even bigger than the first Covent Garden boutique and features interactive technology that lets customers try on makeup looks simply by looking in a mirror.

Using cutting-edge technology, the ‘magic mirror’ morphs each of Tilbury’s 10 iconic looks onto your face - even showing what a contour would look like.

Charlotte Tilbury

The shop has been dubbed a ‘beauty wonderland’ by Tilbury and it’s getting Twitter users just as excited as all those Sephora rumours.

Watch a virtual tour of the rock’n’roll boudoir inspired store below:

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And see the ‘magic mirror’ in action here:

Brb, going to Westfield.

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