29/03/2017 17:28 BST

Westminster Terror Attack: Family Of Andreea Cristea And Andrei Burnaz Speak Out

'We are overwhelmed by the love, support and respect for our Andreea.'

The family of the woman who was filmed falling into the River Thames following last week’s terror attack have said they are “overwhelmed by the love, support and respect” shown for her.

Andreea Cristea, a Romanian tourist, was on the bridge at the moment Khalid Masood drove his car into a crowd of people last Wednesday, killing three people.

Footage from the moment of the attack shows a person falling into the Thames.

She was later identified as Cristea, who was on a short break to London with her boyfriend Andrei Burnaz, who was reportedly planning on proposing to her later that day.

Police handout
Andrei Burnaz and Andreea Cristea were on holiday in London when the terror attack struck.

In a statement, the couple’s families said: “Our family is so grateful for the first responders, the medical personnel and the assistance of the UK Government agencies.

“Andreea is still in a critical but stable condition and benefits from the best medical healthcare possible.

“We are overwhelmed by the love, support and respect for our Andreea.

“The Metropolitan Police have been and continue to work tirelessly in providing their care and support during this very difficult time.”

Andreea Cristea has been identified as the woman pictured falling from Westminster Bridge as Khalid Masood drove into pedestrians during the London terror attack.

The terrifying moment Cristea fell from Westminster Bridge was caught on film last week.

In the footage from a static BBC camera, the terror suspect’s car can be seen travelling at a high speed across the bridge.

Seconds later, a figure, later identified as Cristea, can be seen plunging into the River Thames.

The 52-year-old attacker, Masood, armed with two large knives, drove indiscriminately through pedestrians, including schoolchildren, before rushing at gates in front of the Houses of Parliament, fatally stabbing PC Keith Palmer before being shot dead by police.

American Kurt Cochran, 54, retired window cleaner Leslie Rhodes, 75, and Aysha Frade, 44, died on the bridge.

Thousands gathered at the scene of the attack one week later in a show of solidarity with those who had been affected by the atrocity.

The central London bridge was closed to traffic as thousands fell silent at 2.40pm - the time the attacker struck last week.