Here's What Oscars Nominees Do If They Need To Pee Mid-Show, And It Must Be Humbling

Stars ― they really are just like the rest of us.
Rich Polk via Getty Images

You would think that stars have far more luxurious lives than us.

And while yes, some do live in multi-million-dollar homes and don glam designer garms, there are some pretty gritty BTS moments for performers ― for instance, have you heard of the live concert pee bucket?

Well, last night’s Oscars was likely no exception.

Held in the Dolby Theatre, which offers just two bathrooms on its stage level, it seems stars may struggle to visit the loo mid-show just like the rest of us ― and yes, the ladies’ are Like That no matter who you are, apparently.

Here’s what we know about nipping to the loo mid-Oscars:

Getting caught short can take a long time ― and you may not be allowed back in your seat

For the sake of smooth telly, those who can’t make it back to their seats on time might not be allowed to sit down for a while.

“Time your toilet needs so that you can get to the bathroom and back before the telecast continues, or you won’t be able to get back in until the next commercial break,” an Oscars veteran advised Vanity Fair.

Stars are no exception ―Kate Beckinsale was spotted waiting for the commercial break to kick in until she could settle back into her seat at the 2015 Oscars.

When you go, a seat filler (someone used to ensure there are no empty seats in sight at the event) takes your spot.

Former nominee Michael Creagh revealed that some people stayed out of their seats for 20 minutes or more at a time ― though he saw many people at the bar rather than in the loos.

Stars bump into each other all the time

A quick glance at the stage level’s floor plan ― the area in which many stars sit during the show ― reveals that it only offers two restroom areas, tucked right beside each other next to the side stage.

So it’s no wonder celebs run into each other all the time in the toilets.

And in typical ladies’ loos fashion, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Sarah Paulson and Lupita Nyong’o ” began screaming like two young school girls when they saw each other” in the ladies’.

However, it seems presenters have their own toilets, as we found out in 2017 when Mark Wahlberg mentioned using host Ellen DeGeneres’ private jacks.

Well, at least we know the best socialising spot at the Academy Awards now (if you can hold it ’til the commercial break, that is...)


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