Barry Keoghan And Sabrina Carpenter Finally Posed For Their First Pic Together At Last Night's Oscars After-Party

At long last!
Dave Benett/VF24 via Getty Images

Last night, 31-year-old actor Barry Keoghan (of Saltburn fame, which was not nominated for any 2024 Oscars) and 24-year-old musician Sabrina Carpenter were spotted at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party.

Rumours of romance between the two have swirled since December of last year, when the pair were spotted having a “romantic” dinner in California.

They have since been snapped on various occasions, including a Taylor Swift concert in Singapore in which Sabrina performed.

Barry has also sported a bracelet bearing Sabrina’s name on multiple occasions.

The pair have been coy about their connection

In a February 8th TMZ interview, Barry refused to answer questions about his Valentine’s plans with Sabrina.

And in a February 22nd interview, Sabrina was similarly evasive about the rumoured romance.

When asked about Saltburn, the singer replied, “Oh, I loved it. Such a good movie... Anyways, I gotta go to the bathroom.”

Last month, they appeared at a Grammys after-party together, seemingly confirming their romance.

However, they did not pose together at the event.

Last night saw the first time they posed together for a pic

Shots of the pair chatting at the Oscars awards show were snapped ― it’s one of quite a few candid images others have taken of the pair together.

But it was only at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party that the pair finally chose to pose for the cameras together (at last!).

Predictably, they stunned in the image ― before leaving together along with one of Barry’s pals.

Could a red carpet pic be next for the pair? We can only hope...


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