12 Tweets That Sum Up How We Feel About Sephora In London

RIP all our money.

They say there’s no smoke without fire, and Sephora fans are hoping that is the case as internet rumours about a Westfield Stratford store opening in November continue to spread.

But until the speculation is confirmed, we are going to continue to pray to the beauty gods for an early Christmas miracle.

1. Keeping everything crossed that someone makes this happen.

2. This is literally the best news we have ever heard.

3. Unless you live in Scotland.

4. Spreading the joyous news with friends and family.

5. Feeling nervous for the future of your bank balance.

6. In fact, someone might as well just take all your money RN.

7. But at least you won’t have to pay US customs charges ever again.

8. In fact we might as well permanently relocate to Westfield.

9. Because nothing is going to get between you and the beauty products.

10. You will go to extraordinary lengths to get your hands on those brands.

11. Although we might need to get imaginative with the fund raising.

12. Our lives will never be the same again.