19/08/2016 15:31 BST | Updated 19/08/2016 15:32 BST

When Is The Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony? Date, Time And Schedule For End Of The Games

*Wipes away tear*

It seems like only yesterday we were watching giant microbes, climate change and Gisele Bundchen in the Rio Olympic opening ceremony.

But the time is almost upon us to say goodbye to the Games until 2020.

Knowing the Brazilians, it’s more likely they’ll be going out with a bang than a whimper - and if the opening celebrations were anything to go by then there will be plenty to look forward to.

Tim de Waele via Getty Images
The Brazilian and Olympic flag fly over the opening ceremony

Here’s everything you need to know about the closing ceremony...

When is the closing ceremony?

The closing ceremony takes place on Sunday 21 August (although this translates into the early hours of Monday thanks to the time difference).

Where will it be held?

At the 78,000 seat Maracana Stadium in Rio.

Tim de Waele via Getty Images
Firework explode over the Maracana stadium

What time is the closing ceremony?

The action kicks off at 8pm local time, which is midnight in UK time.

How can I watch it?

The BBC’s coverage of the closing ceremony will begin at 23.25 on BBC One.

It is likely to last for around four hours, so make sure you’re stocked up on snacks for the night.

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
The closing ceremony will no doubt be another extravaganza
Brazil Photo Press/CON via Getty Images
Gisele sashayed her way through the opening ceremony

What can we expect from the closing ceremony?

No rumours have yet been leaked about what to expect from the ceremony, although after pulling out of the opening ceremony, it is hoped that football legend Pele will be well enough to appear this time round.

However, every closing ceremony involves speeches and the extinguishing of the Olympic flame.

The torch is also officially passed to the next host of the games, which this time will be Tokyo. The Japanese city will be holding the Olympics in 2020.

But if you still want some sporting action in your life, fear not! The Paralympics are just around the corner...