Where To Buy Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns And Lamb For Your Cheap Easter Lunch Menu

We love a bargain.

Being the host this Easter doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Good Housekeeping has released its annual Easter guide of where to buy the cheapest food and this year, you can feed eight people Easter lunch - including Prosecco and chocolate - for just £21.07 or £2.63 per head. That’s 11% cheaper than in 2016.

For the comparison, researchers tracked the price of eight Easter items, including a leg of lamb and two bottles of Prosecco, across 10 supermarkets.

Lidl was found to be the cheapest supermarket for buying the entire list, with the Easter items for eight costing just £23.22.

Diana Miller via Getty Images

Aldi came in close to Lidl at £23.43 per spread, followed by Tesco (at £29.89), Morrisons (at £26.95) and Tesco (at £29.89).

The most expensive place to shop was M&S where the Easter basket costs £41.28. Meanwhile Co-op was the second most expensive coming in at £40.98.

The difference between the cheapest and most expensive supermarket is a whopping £18.06.

The £2.63 per head Easter shopping basket across all supermarkets includes:

Leg of lamb (at least 2kg): Aldi – whole leg of lamb, £7.58

Potatoes (at least 1kg): Lidl – Oaklands selection mini roasts (Maris Piper), 29p

Frozen Peas (approx 1kg): Morrisons M Savers Peas, 68p

Carrots (aprox 1kg): Aldi and Lidl, 29p

Mint Sauce (one jar): Asda, 25p

Hot cross buns (at least eight): Asda, Aldi and Morrisons, £1

Two bottles of Prosecco: Aldi and Lidl, £9.98

One Easter egg (approx 200g): Sainsbury’s milk chocolate Easter egg with mini jelly beans, £1

Cheapest for a one-stop shop:

Lidl: £23.22

Aldi: £23.43

Morrisons: £26.95

Tesco: £29.89

Asda: £30.85

Sainsburys: £32.10

Iceland: £33.17

Waitrose: £39.18

Co-op: £40.98

M&S: £41.28

Commenting on the findings, Caroline Bloor, consumer director at Good Housekeeping, said: “Despite the cost of the weekly shop generally getting more expensive since the Brexit vote, all of the items in our Easter basket, with the exception of hot cross buns, have decreased in price this year.

“There’s still some great bargains to be had. By shopping around, consumers could almost halve their food and drinks bill.”

All prices are effective from 14 April.