24/05/2020 07:00 BST | Updated 24/05/2020 15:39 BST

Netflix's White Lines: 11 Questions The Final Episode Left Unanswered

Do these loose ends mean series two is on the cards?

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Warning: This article (obviously) contains major spoilers for Netflix’s White Lines. 

After 10 hedonistic episodes, we finally know the identity of Axel Collins’ killer in Netflix’s sun-soaked murder mystery White Lines.

The final instalment of the series from Spanish writer Alex Pina revealed that it was Anna Ward (Angela Griffin) who had killed the Ibiza DJ and club owner.

Anna confessed her crime to Axel’s sister Zoe (Laura Haddock), revealing she’d murdered him after discovering he’d burned all their money at his birthday party.

Anna was revealed as Axel's killer

However, Anna also claimed it was crime of passion, not being able to cope with the idea of Marcus leaving her if he was to discover she’d cheated on him with Axel (Tom Rhys Harries).

While the finale wrapped up that aspect of the story, there were plenty of other loose ends left unaddressed, which could easily pave the way for a second series.

Anna stabbed Axel in the throat after previously failing to drown him

Daniel Mays, who plays Marcus, recently said as much, telling Metro: “None of it’s been properly resolved. I don’t wanna give away too much but, yeah I’m just pitching for a second series.”

Angela Griffin also hinted that writer Alex has “got a series two in mind”, after previously creating popular Spanish drama Money Heist.

With that in mind, here are the questions we’d want answered...

Did Anna face any sort of justice?


Or is her loveless marriage to George meant to be her punishment for killing Axel?

How did Axel’s body turn up on the mainland?

The flashbacks revealed how Anna and Marcus made two unsuccessful attempts to kill Axel before Anna finished him off with a screwdriver to the throat. But quite how his body then got from the road to the Calafat’s land in Almeria desert remained largely unexplained. Did they have help?

Did Zoe tell anyone else who killed Axel?


For someone who’d spent so long seeking answers about her brother’s death, she did very little with the information when she finally learned the truth.

Her monologue suggested it hadn’t brought her the closure she’d hoped, but did she tell any of the others that it was Anna (with a little help from Marcus) who was responsible?

Did Zoe go back to her husband?

While her last video call to Jenny and Mike was certainly ill-advised to say the least, there still appeared to be hope for their marriage when Mike told Zoe he still loved her.

So did she return home to her suburban life? Or did she make a go of it with Boxer?

What happened to Boxer?


He’s finally free from the Calafat family after tendering his resignation and was last seen driving off into the sunset. But where is he starting his new life? And is it with Zoe?

Has Oriol worked out Boxer killed the Romanians – and will he do anything about it?


When he escaped Clint’s van and Boxer gave him a life jacket to wear, he found a glass eye belonging to one of the Romanians that Boxer killed earlier in the series.

We saw Oriol examining it curiously, but was he able to put the pieces of the jigsaw together? And if he did, does he intend to use it to any kind of advantage that could disrupt Boxer’s fresh start?

Did the Calafats seek revenge on the Martinezs?

The long-running feud between the two families calmed down when Andreu admitted to Marcus he was too tired to seek revenge on them for the truck crash, which left him paralysed.

However, Oriol told his family that he’d been kidnapped by the Martinezs rather than Clint – surely they didn’t take that lying down too?

Is Oriol still under the impression he killed Axel?

During his family group therapy, Oriol confessed he believed he’d killed Axel and we later found out his memory lapse was due to the fact he’d enjoyed a heroin-fuelled romp with David on the night of the party. But did the series end with him still believing he was responsible?

Are Marcus and Kika still together?


They are the show’s most unlikely couple, but we have no choice but to stan. 

How did Marcus see off the Romanians?

Just when everything was starting to look up for Marcus, up turned the Romanians’ cronies, demanding to know if he’d killed them.

While they spared his life, Marcus still owed them €276k for the missing cocaine – but how will manage to pay them off? Is that what his pitch to Andreu a job was about? Speaking of which...

Did Andreu take Marcus up on his offer?


When Marcus put himself up for a job working for the Calafats, Andreu laughed at the suggestion, but it wasn’t clear whether this was because he thought the idea was ridiculous or great.Would he really employ Marcus? And would Marcus be trustworthy enough not to take a cut of the profit to pay off his debts?

White Lines is available to stream on Netflix now.