Whoopi Goldberg Is Launching A Range Of 'Ugly' Christmas Jumpers

But 'you can’t call them ugly'.

Actress, comedian and Christmas jumper enthusiast Whoopi Goldberg is launching her very own range of festive knitwear.

She revealed the news in a new interview with Vogue, announcing the jumpers will be released just in time for Christmas 2016.

“I love what we call an ‘ugly Christmas sweater’, I have been wearing them over the years on the show [’The View’],” she said.

Whoopi Goldberg

Oh, except Goldberg doesn’t want you to call hers ‘ugly’.

“Mine are kind of ‘funny Christmas sweaters’ or ‘Christmas sweaters with a twist’,” she said.

“They are actually quite wonderful, and they feel good.”

Whoopi Goldberg

The current collection also includes a Hanukkah sweater and Goldberg has plans to include a Kwanzaa sweater and a Ramadan sweater in next year’s line.

“Silly sweaters can unite us and what is better than that?” she said.

Whoopi Goldberg

We’re all with the sentiment but seeing as the jumpers will cost £115 each from luxury department store Lord & Taylor, we’re not quite sure who they’ll be uniting except very wealthy Whoopi Goldberg fans.

(Don’t worry guys, Primark’s got you).

Primark Christmas Jumpers 2016