Whoopi Goldberg

The future monarch spent his birthday with his children at Taylor Swift's London concert on Friday night.
The Oscar winner was moved to tears by the end of the number – and frankly so were we.
The View co-host offered a concise retort to Dolly's detractors who greeted her Thanksgiving Day performance with ageist scorn.
The View veteran shocked the show with her abrupt query, and quickly apologised.
Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott paid the panel show a visit on Monday, and things got rather heated.
“We’re watching you, Ron,” said the cohost of The View while slamming the 2024 GOP presidential candidate’s “ridiculousness."
The co-host of The View is "sick" of conservative meltdowns.
"Nobody moves that fast in New York City," Goldberg said while discussing the paparazzi incident.
The Divine Miss M turned down the role that would ultimately be a huge hit for Whoopi Goldberg.