Why Do Cats Act So Weirdly? Ted Ed Video Explains All

There's a valid reason for their bizarre actions, honest.

Cats are strange. And that's a fact.

From hiding in the tiniest spaces to running away from cucumbers and creating new homes in paper bags, their actions are certainly, ahem, quirky.

But their actions aren't just a result of them being completely bonkers, as this video from Ted Ed explains.

Take, for example, when your puss decides to climb onto the highest shelf of your bookcase, the top of the kitchen cabinets or even that really high tree in your garden.

The cat isn't doing it for fun, it's doing it because once upon a time its ancestors lived in the wild and needed to get up high to scan the surrounding area for prey.

Ted Ed

What about when your cat decides to just randomly kill a bird?

It makes no sense whatsoever. They don't need to hunt prey because they're fed and watered regularly - in fact, your cat probably eats better than you do.

But Ted Ed explains that cats are opportunists, which means if they spot prey nowadays, they'll still kill it.

Because a cats' prey is often small - we're talking mice and birds here - in the wild they would need to eat many times throughout the day.

This has resulted in them having an in-built stalk, pounce, kill and eat strategy.

Additionally, small prey tend to hide in tiny spaces out in the wild, which is why your cat is a fan of squeezing into compact areas between cushions, in Primark bags and down the back of your chest of drawers.

It all makes so much sense now. Watch the video above for more fun facts which explain why your cat is a bit bizarre.

Ted Ed