'Why Don't We Have Any Tomatoes': Question Time Audience Member Sums Up Where Brexit's Going Wrong

She also highlighted the damage done to the UK's car industry.
The audience member nailed the problems with Brexit
The audience member nailed the problems with Brexit

A Question Time audience member perfectly summed up the problems with Brexit in a blistering monologue.

The woman said quitting the European Union had left the UK’s car industry “on its knees” as firms have relocated jobs to the continent.

And, to laughter and applause, she pointed to the recent shortage of salad ingredients on supermarket shelves as further evidence of the chaos caused to supply chains.

She said: “If Brexit has given us this so-called economic growth that we’re supposedly trying to see, why firstly is the automotive industry on its knees - Ford have lost jobs, Honda have lost jobs, Toyota have lost jobs, Nissan are repositioning some of their work to France because they’re part of Renault.

“And also, whay haven’t we got any tomatoes on our supermarket shelves when Spain and France have got an abundance?”

The woman wasn’t the only member of the Sunderland audience to take a swipe at the impact of Brexit.

One man explained to government minister Graham Stuart why he would not back leaving the EU now – arguing it has “been a complete mess from the beginning”.

The man, named Michael, who asked: “Were we the people of Sunderland wrong to vote to leave the EU given that Northern Ireland is now the world’s most exciting economic zone?”

His question was prompted by Rishi Sunak’s hailing Northern Ireland’s access to both EU and British markets as part of his new Brexit deal with the EU.

Critics were quick to point out that the entire UK had full access to the EU’s single market before Brexit.

Stuart, who campaigned for remain in 2016, stressed Northern Ireland has “special circumstances” because “we must protect peace in Northern Ireland and on the island of Ireland”.

But it did not sway the audience member, who explained why he would change his vote now.

He added: “It just goes to show that they’ve messed it up from the beginning, that the economic downturn is very clearly related to the EU, and even the prime minister, by his words, believes that.

“So somewhere along the line, they’ve they’ve completely lied. They’ve sold us the wrong thing.

“It wasn’t this so called oven ready Brexit or it wasn’t, so it’s just just being a mess.

“And if it was to go again, I’m likely to change my vote.”


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