Oh, So That's Why Footballers Cut Holes In The Back Of Their Socks

It does actually have a practical use.
A lot of people have been left baffled by the holes
Matthew Ashton - AMA via Getty Images
A lot of people have been left baffled by the holes

If you’ve tuned into the World Cup today, you might have notice a questionable fashion choice from players on the pitch. Yes, those huge holes in the back of their socks.

But if you’re wondering why footballers have opted to massacre the back of their socks, we’re here to tell that the choice to chop them actually comes with a practical purpose.

So no, you don’t need to hope that they get a new, non-holey pair of socks for Christmas.

The reason footballers chop holes in their socks is actually to prevent injury and discomfort.

Confused? Let us explain.

Footballers are normally given brand new socks right before their match and because they’re fresh out the pack, they’ve not been stretched out.

As most of the players have bulging calf muscles, these brand new socks can be super restrictive and can even give footballers severe cramping - something you don’t want to hit when you’re on the pitch for the World Cup.

The tighter sock the more blood flow and circulation can be restricted, leading to the painful cramps.

So the next time you see a footballer with holey socks, you can assume that they’ve got a serious set of calves on them.

We’re looking at you, Jack Grealish!