Wiley Banned From Facebook And Instagram Over More Anti-Semitic Posts

Posts were made from an account under the grime star's real name, Richard Kylea Cowie.

Facebook has banned Wiley from its platforms after an account purportedly belonging to the rapper took aim at some of his Jewish critics.

The grime artist was widely condemned for posting a series of anti-Semitic messages on Twitter and Instagram.

Social networks have faced criticism for not acting sooner to take down the content, with even Downing Street saying their response “has not been good enough”.

An unverified account under the musician’s real name, Richard Kylea Cowie, directed posts at Jewish celebrities including Lord Sugar, BBC presenter Emma Barnett and comedian David Baddiel, all of whom had spoken out against his words.

“Emma Barnett get me on your show,” one post read.

“David Baddiel come and talk to me to my face..Let’s talk,” said another.

A message reportedly mentioning Golders Green, an area of London known for its large Jewish community, was removed before Facebook decided to pull the account altogether.

Wiley’s official verified account was also taken down, as well as his Instagram profile.

“There is no place for hate speech on Facebook and Instagram, and we don’t want it on our platforms,” Facebook said.

“After initially placing Wiley’s accounts in a seven-day block, we have now removed both his Facebook and Instagram accounts for repeated violations of our policies.”

The move follows pressure from the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The organisation is in “talks with Twitter to urge them to delete Wiley’s account”, said Marie van der Zyl, the Board of Deputies president.

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