Social and Online Media

Australia has moved forward with a proposal to force social media and search companies to pay media outlets for their content.
Thousands of users have shared their experiences of online abuse as Twitter takes a stand against tweets about Donald Trump's hospitalisation.
The social media platform apologised for being slow to act after it took six days to suspend the grime artist's account over a series of anti-Semitic tweets.
Posts were made from an account under the grime star's real name, Richard Kylea Cowie.
A Facebook outage yesterday revealed the text tags associated to photos, scaring some users with how accurately their photos were described. Facebook uses tagging to allow visually impaired users to “see” photos on the site, but what isn’t clear is if this information is sold to advertisers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used widely across phone and social media technology, from portrait mode on your iPhone to being able to search your Google photos for pictures of your cat.
We don’t want social media spying on us, but we also want them to stop hatred from spreading online. Activists, politicians and users are demanding answers and action from the tech companies. HuffPost Canada’s senior business editor, Daniel Tencer, describes how social media companies created the problems they now have to fix.
Senior executives from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter appeared before the Home Affairs Committee to give evidence on their efforts to combat the posting of terrorist and hate crime material online. Facebook Public Policy Director, Neil Potts, admitted that there may still be videos of the Christchurch mosque attack on their platform.
The latest internet craze may not exist at all – but it doesn't stop it terrifying children.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says his company's efforts to stop online abuse have been a “huge fail”. In a tweeted interview on 12 February, Dorsey said Twitter and the other titans of Silicon Valley haven't done enough. The Chief exec said he'd give himself a C grade for efforts to stop online abuse.