18/07/2018 12:08 BST | Updated 18/07/2018 12:24 BST

William 'Billy' Isaac's Grave Targeted By Suspected Robbers Twice

Security has been put in place at the cemetery.

The grave of a former Manchester boxer with links to the criminal underworld has been dug up by suspected robbers twice in one week.

William “Billy” Isaac’s remains have now been exhumed by authorities and the burial plot secured.

Police said the motive behind the two incidents is unclear, but think the perpetrators my have thought he was buried with numerous valuable items.

Isaac was 45 when he died in 2013 and had a reputation as an underworld hardman.

The Sun reports Isaac organised security at the East End funeral of Ronnie Kray and had convictions for serious assaults and possession of live ammunition.

He was acquitted of the murder of a woman in Reddish, Stockport, in 1995.

Isaac was buried at Blackley Cemetery in north Manchester after a fatal fall from a ground floor window at his mansion in the Irish Republic. His death was treated as not suspicious.

The two attacks on his grave occurred within a week of each other, on 28 June and 4 July.

Detective Inspector Claire Moss said: “Police enquiries are ongoing, but we believe that this incident was targeted to this specific plot.

“This is a despicable act, and it has caused the family an enormous amount of anguish and grief in finding out that their loved one’s grave has twice been disturbed in what is meant to be a place of rest.

“The motivation for this incident is unclear at this stage of the investigation, but the family want to make it known that their loved one was not buried with any items of monetary value.

“We will do everything we can to find out who is responsible for this, and I would appeal to any members of the public who know anything to please get in touch with police.”