Woman 'Chinning' Her Way Around The World Is Our New Body Image Hero

😂 😂 😂

Instagram is full of carefully crafted images, with filters and flattering angles left, right and centre.

But one travel blogger, Michelle Liu, is reminding us all to rediscover our sense of humour and stick two fingers up to society’s beauty standards in the process.

Michelle, from Boston, is posting ‘chinning’ photos as she travels around the world.

The images, paired with her pun-filled captions, are nothing short of genius.

Michelle has long been an advocate of chinning, which simply involves taking a photo from beneath your chin in all its chin-roll glory.

“Chinning was originally born out of my insecurity from middle school. I felt the pressures of society and my peers to look a certain way and felt that I wouldn’t be able to live up to those standards,” she told HuffPost UK.

“As an alternative of traditional beauty, I started chinning to allow myself to embrace my quirky side and my friends thought it was funny.

“Eventually I decided to combine my love of travel with my love of chinning to create Chinventures when I went abroad in September 2016.”

She added that she’s “so grateful and surprised” to have gained so many followers - 23.9K and counting.

“It is amazing to me and people have been sending me such kind messages and comments,” she said.

“I am honestly so honoured that Chinventures has been able to inspire and make others laugh. It makes me so happy.”

Check out a few of her photos below or follow Chinventures on Instagram to view more of Michelle’s brilliant photos.

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