Mum-To-Be And Paraplegic Husband Create Unconventional Pregnancy Announcement

'I hear Reddit likes seeing paraplegics defy the odds...'

A woman and her paraplegic husband wanted to prove to Reddit they’d “defied the odds” to have a baby.

The couple shared their creative pregnancy announcement that featured the mum-to-be’s head in her hands while her husband was grinning with excitement.

And sure enough, they proved “it still works”.

Other men who have paralysis of their lower body shared their own success stories, too.

“Quadriplegic here, 31 years in and 19-year-old son,” one dad wrote. “Did it the old fashioned way, no doctors involved for the deed. I just kept busting nuts, congrats.”

Another commented: “Congratulations on your functional penis, I’m in the same boat and found out I had one too. Hooray.”

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