Women Share Experiences Of Sexual Harassment As Children To Show Just How Big A Problem It Is

This is why we need feminism.

"In middle school, this random guy pushed me against a wall and tried to make out with me. I didn't know who he was."

This is one of many disturbing accounts being shared to reveal just how early in life sexual harassment begins for women.

Using the hashtag #WhenIWas, women are opening up about their experiences of sexism, harassment, sexual violence and discrimination during their formative years.

The hashtag was started by the 'Everyday Sexism' Twitter account to show just how deeply ingrained the issue it is.

Some of the heartbreaking stories begin from women who were as young as five years old when they first experienced it.

The hashtag comes after the government announced it would be looking into sexual violence and harassment in schools.

Many women have told of how they were banned from wearing particular items of clothing as they were told it would be "too distracting" to male peers.

Others explained how they were catcalled or groped inappropriately - sometimes more than once - throughout their childhood and teenage years.

The sheer volume of tweets and accounts shows just how big an issue sexual harassment, violence and sexism is for many women.

As Twitter user Hildur Lilliendahl puts it: "The problem with #whenIwas is that for so many of us it's been a constant throughout our entire lives.

"We got used to it at around 12."

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