Sexual Harassment

David Warburton is also accused of taking drugs and failing to declare a loan from a Russian businessman.
Laura Murray and Georgie Robertson say they were asked to sign confidentiality agreements after making complaints of sexual harassment about a senior official.
David Warburton is facing an investigation by parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme.
The idea of segregating passengers is being considered in Scotland.
If the government wants to make its law meaningful, this is what else needs to change.
“Please let me help with prep,” the CNN host texted one of Andrew Cuomo's former aides as allegations of sexual harassment came to light.
As the seasons change, so does the behaviour of women protecting themselves after dark.
The Democrat won praise for Covid-19 news conferences, but the uproar over the results of a sexual harassment investigation proved overwhelming.
It's already harder for disabled women to find jobs – and this is what happens when they do.