Sexual Harassment

Caroline Nokes said female MPs have to tell each other which men in parliament cannot be trusted.
The TUC has surveyed 1,000 young women about their experiences in the workplace.
The prime minister was brought down just a week after the resignation of his deputy chief whip.
"It has become increasingly clear that the government cannot function."
The new Chancellor also took a swipe at Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid for "walking away" from the cabinet.
The prime minister says his close ally should have been sacked after a sexual harassment complaint against him was upheld.
The former permanent under-secretary at the Foreign Office said No.10's various comments on the affair are "not true".
Downing Street has insisted the prime minister only knew about "unsubstantiated allegations" before making the MP deputy chief whip.
Number 10 has now admitted the prime minister was aware of sex pest claims before making loyalist deputy chief whip.
Karen Bradley and Caroline Nokes say the party is at risk of 'serious reputational damage' following a series of sex scandals.