Men Read Abusive Tweets Women In Sport Receive To Show They're #MoreThanMean

'We wouldn't say it to their faces, so let's not type it.'

Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain are both sports reporters in the US.

Alongside balancing their busy work schedules, they have to spend hours each week shifting through abusive comments they're sent by trolls on Twitter.

To raise awareness of the online harassment women in sport receive, the pair teamed up to create a powerful video titled #MoreThanMean.

In the video, DiCaro and Spain ask men to read out some of the messages they've received in the past.

At first, it's all fun and games as the guys read out some of the more ridiculous comments, such as "Sarah Spain is a scrub muffin."

But as the tweets get more and more abusive, the men look increasingly uncomfortable.

They read out rape threats, death threats and jokes about domestic abuse, until the point where both the men and women in the room look close to tears.

The film ends with the words: "Some women in sports are harassed online, just for doing their jobs.

"We wouldn't say it to their faces, so let's not type it."

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