Women And Men With These Names Are The Most Likely To Be Expecting A Baby In 2017

Jessica, Amy and Jade may have some exciting baby news soon.

Many factors play into the probability that you will decide to have a baby in the next year, but did you know your name can be used as a predictor of whether you're likely to get pregnant in 2017?

Closer magazine have turned the idea of a baby name list on it's head and compiled a list of expectant mummy names.

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Closer took as their starting point the idea that the average age a woman in the UK gives birth to her first child is around 29.8 years old.

They then looked into the most popular baby names for girls born in 1987 and 1988.

Top 20 names of women most likely to be expecting a baby in 2017

  1. Jessica
  2. Amy
  3. Jade
  4. Rebecca
  5. Charlotte
  6. Hannah
  7. Lauren
  8. Sophie
  9. Emily
  10. Sarah
  11. Ashley
  12. Hayley
  13. Megan
  14. Heather
  15. Samantha
  16. Katie
  17. Melissa
  18. Danielle
  19. Rachel
  20. Chelsea

With this in mind we decided to find out the names of men who were likely to be dads in 2017. According to the Office of National Statistics the average age of dads is 33.1, so we checked on Britishbabynames.com to find out what the most popular names for boys born in 1984 were.

Top 20 names of men most likely to get pregnant in 2017

  1. Christopher
  2. James
  3. David
  4. Daniel
  5. Michael
  6. Matthew
  7. Andrew
  8. Richard
  9. Paul
  10. Mark
  11. Thomas
  12. Adam
  13. Robert
  14. John
  15. Lee
  16. Benjamin
  17. Steven
  18. Jonathan
  19. Craig
  20. Stephen

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