Bored Of Your WFH Space? Here’s How To Give It A Proper Refresh

Cheap and cheery upgrades to maximise your home workspace – even if it's just a tiny corner.
Best buys for a WFH upgrade
Best buys for a WFH upgrade

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More than two years on from the first Covid lockdown, many of us are still working from home, at least some of the time.

Working remotely comes with a load of pros (no long dreary commute being a major one), but if your work setup at home isn’t right, it can have a serious impact on your mood and productivity, not to mention job satisfaction.

Perhaps your home office felt like a dream at first, but is now as messy and uninspiring as the actual office. Whether it’s overly cramped thanks to a lack of storage, bland and boring because you’ve run out of steam, or causing you actual physical pain, it’s time to make some changes.

The good news is that some simple buys, from a healthy houseplant to the right desk chair, can make all the difference – and needn’t cost a lot either.

We’ve rounded up some cheap and cheery essentials to upgrade your workspace and help you fall for WFH all over again.

This gorgeous bureau has more space than you think
A modern twist on a classic writing bureau, this hardworking piece reveals a hidden workspace during the day, but allows you to pack away your work in the evenings, too.
Jazz up your wall with these handy wire notice boards
Who said notice boards have to be boring? These wire ones can be combined with clip-on baskets, shelves and pegs, and are a great way to display your memos and inspo.
Add colour and protection to your desk with this pastel pad
Keep your desk – or kitchen table – protected with this large, dual-sided pad that's waterproof, non-slip and easy to clean, and comes in a millennial-friendly range of colours including powder pink, mint green, and sky blue.
Fit this compact Bluetooth speaker perfectly on any desk
Whether you love to listen to your favourite tunes while you work or you're someone who prefers soothing soundscapes or white noise, this compact mini speaker has a 15-hour play time and noise cancelling microphone.
Lift your mood with all the right houseplants
It's scientifically proven that a splash of greenery elevates our mood at work, so adding a couple of evergreen house plants to your workspace is the perfect way to do that.
Protect against pain and strain even working from a laptop
A wireless keyboard and mouse that connect up to your laptop can help keep back, neck and shoulder strain at bay. This rechargeable duo is compatible with most laptops and is super simple to set up (and charge).
Change up where you work with this moveable, folding desk
Instead of being stuck working from one room, treat yourself to this sturdy, folding desk that's easily set up and taken down. When you're working remotely, sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need.
Maximise your desk space with this handy monitor stand
Does your desk always feel a bit overcrowded? This versatile stand will take things up a level – literally – by putting your monitor at the right height, and freeing up desk space.
Fend off the dreaded RSI with this ergonomic wrist rest
Noticed some discomfort in your wrists and hands while at your desk? This wrist rest pad is your saviour; made from memory foam, it's designed to help prevent pain and damage.
Add a little luxe and comfort with this chic scalloped chair
Say goodbye to your bog-standard office chair and replace it with this scalloped velvet alternative for the perfect combination of comfort and style. It also comes in grey.
Create a custom notice board with these soft-touch panels
Create the perfect sized noticeboard with these self-adhesive hexagonal tiles. Choose how many to slot together and what size and shape you want to create. They also come with 20 handy push pins.
Upgrade your daily caffeine kick (for half the price)
Say goodbye to your basic instant coffee and invest in this fancy Nespresso coffee machine – currently half price! – to kick your mornings up a notch without any effort.
Maximise your corner space with this L-shaped desk
Lacking space for a proper home office? Reconfigure your living room with this L-shaped desk that makes the most of that corner that's currently going unused.
Lift your laptop up to your level with this stand
Sick and tired of dealing with neck tension and shoulder pain as a result of constantly bending to look at your laptop? This laptop stand will instantly alleviate the issue for you.
Add a bookshelf to change the vibe of your space
For breathing new life into your workspace and some serious bookcase credibility, this set of shelves (for your library or just some pot plants and trinkets) is an affordable addition.
Make charging your devices super simple and wireless
Don't let a low battery stall your productivity. Invest in a wireless charger that you can pop your phone (and other devices on) whenever their levels start to drop.
Mark out your workspace by rolling out a rug
Whether you spread a rug directly under your desk or roll it out across the floor, adding a bold, patterned carpet to your home office helps keep it separate from your living space.
Perfect your sitting position with this ergonomic foot rest
Never quite sure what to do with your feet while sitting at your desk? This ergonomic foot rest will keep the fidgeting at bay while correcting your posture to minimise strain.
Add a sense of tranquility with this ultrasonic diffuser
Pop this ultrasonic, essential oil diffuser from Neom on your desk and allow the subtle scent of your favourite essential oil lift your mood or help you to relax while you work.