20/12/2016 12:35 GMT

From Disposable Rain Ponchos To Frozen Veg, People Reveal The Worst Presents They Ever Received

Dead 😵

Christmas is a time for giving. But sadly for some, this means a pretty awful present that they’d rather have done without.

From the little boy who got a copy of a Playstation game (but didn’t have a Playstation) to the mortified nine-year-old who received a pubic hair trimmer from her grandma; if you’re looking for Christmas gift inspiration, steer clear of these.  

1. A Hedgehog Exercise Wheel

“I do not own a hedgehog.”



2. A Disposable Emergency Rain Poncho



3. A New Copy Of Final Fantasy VII For Playstation

“I didn’t have a playstation.”



4. A Bag Of Ketchup 



5. A Small Box Of Cut Construction Paper

“From the teacher.”



6. A Half Empty Pouch Of Tobacco

“I would have honestly been happier receiving nothing.”



7. Borrowed Money 

“My brother owed me $40, guess what I got for Christmas? $40...”



8. Frozen Vegetables



9. A Pineapple Wrapped In Newspaper



10. A Shoe Polish Kit, From My Wardrobe

“My girlfriend found a barely-used shoe polish kit in the closet and wrapped it and played it off as a new purchase. It had originally been gifted to me by my ex, and the original birthday note was still tucked in the box...”



11. Fluffy Car Dice 

“They were so cheap and nasty half the dots were already missing!”



12. An Expired Voucher



13. A Pubic Hair Trimmer

“I was nine, my grandmother got me a pubic hair trimmer. Opening that in front of the family was awkward. I still don’t know what she was thinking.”



14. A Pedicure Set

“It was from my aunt. I’m a double amputee. Have been since birth. She had known me since birth. Good times.”