04/09/2017 08:02 BST | Updated 04/09/2017 08:04 BST

'X Factor' Contestant Kayleigh Taylor Previously Appeared On 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'

She was accused of stealing her dad's mobile.

Kayleigh Morris was seen wowing the ‘X Factor’ judges with her impressive audition on Saturday (2 September) night, but it turns out it was not her first time on the box. 

That’s because she previously appeared on an episode of ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’

One eagle-eyed ‘X Factor’ viewer recognised Kayleigh as they watched the first episode of the new series, and tweeted about her previous TV appearance. 

The Sun has since revealed further details, revealing she appeared on a segment called: “I found my long-lost father and I hope DNA proves he’s not my dad.”

The Liverpudlian singer was accused of stealing her dad’s mobile phone, and the show’s infamous lie detector claimed she wasn’t telling the truth when she pleaded innocence. 

Kayleigh also spoke to the paper about her previous brush with fame, which originally aired three years ago, saying: “I don’t pretend to be perfect. I’m human.

“I’ve made a number of mistakes in the past and I’m now trying to better my life.”

Kayleigh impressed the 'X Factor' judges with her audition

Kayleigh was one of the stand-out contestants from this weekend’s ‘X Factor’ double bill.

Not only was her rendition of Evanescence’s hit ‘My Immortal’ spellbinding, but she also put on a comedy show for the judges Simon CowellNicole ScherzingerSharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh too. 

‘The X Factor’ continues on Saturday at 8pm on ITV. 

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