Yes, Really, You Should Be Sleeping Naked Even In Winter

It may feel counter-intuitive but there are lots of health benefits.

The shortest day of the year is just over a week away, and from then on, we’ll be facing earlier mornings and slightly longer days. What does this mean in real terms, though?

It means we’re in the depths of winter. It’s freezing cold, the days are dark and we’ve even had huge bursts of snow throughout the UK already.

Now, this weather may have you reaching for your softest, warmest pyjamas but according to a sleep expert speaking to the Metro, even at this time of year, we should still be sleeping in the nude.

The benefits of sleeping naked

Speaking to the Metro, Sammy Margo, sleep expert at Dreams said: ’While many people might think that bundling up in winter is the best way to keep warm, sleeping naked can actually help to regulate your body temperature and improve your sleep quality.

‘It’s a surprising yet effective way to stay cosy and comfortable during the cold months, while giving our bodies that much needed wellbeing boost too.’

While there hasn’t been directly been research on whether sleeping naked helps you to sleep better, there are associated potential health benefits, according to The Sleep Foundation.
These include:

  • Preventing Candida yeast from flourishing in the vagina, which can lead to uncomfortable yeast infections
  • Improve male fertility, as past research suggests that the cooling associated with sleeping nude might increase sperm health
  • Improve your relationship with your partner as increased skin-to-skin contact has been proven to reduce stress and improve intimacy between partners

How to sleep naked in winter

Of course, this may all sound good and well but when it’s so cold outside, how can you convince yourself to strip down of a night? Thankfully, The Sleep Foundation has some tips for getting started:

  • Ensure you have a few sets of sheets, since you might want to change your sheets more often
  • Surround yourself with comfortable bedding, so you don’t become too cold at night
  • Consider showering before bed to keep your sheets clean longer
  • If you sleepwalk, you may want to sleep in at least underwear, especially if you live with roommates or family members you wouldn’t want to see you naked
  • Try sleeping in only a T-shirt or underwear for the first few nights to help you adjust to the sensation of wearing fewer clothes
  • Let your partner know that you’re making changes to your sleep routine and invite them to consider sleeping naked along with you
  • Invest in better sheets and bedding, so you’re comfortable when you start sleeping nude
  • Make sure your comforter is adequately warm, and add blankets if needed.
  • Create a bedtime ritual to help you wind down and start lowering your body temperature before you shed your clothes for the night
  • Go at a pace that feels good for you and begin sleeping completely nude only when it feels comfortable

Brb, prepping my nude nap routine.