Here's How Often To Clean Your Makeup Brushes (Clue: More Often Than You Do)

All the essentials to give your beauty tools the regular deep clean they really need.
Get rid of the grime and give your makeup brushes a deep clean
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Get rid of the grime and give your makeup brushes a deep clean

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Be honest, when was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? If you have to think about it, it’s been too long. You probably know that grimy beauty tools can lead to breakouts, not to mention other icky issues such as cold sores and conjunctivitis, but very few of us clean our brushes as often as we should.

According to a study from Cosmetify, one in four of us (that’s 26%) has never washed our makeup brushes. Yikes. And, of those of us who do, one in three (37%) only clean them every six months, and 18% just once a year. That’s a hell of a lot of icky build up, dirt, oil, and grime.

The reality is that makeup tools (brushes and blending sponges) can harbour a lot of bacteria if not cleaned properly. So, for the sake of your skin (and your looks), aim to clean your brushes a little more regularly – somewhere between weekly and fortnightly depending on how often you use them, experts say.

To make keeping your go-tos clean and hygienic a little easier (and less time-consuming), we’ve put together a guide to some super useful buys your skin will thank you for. From instant-drying antibacterial sprays to electric sponge presses, we’ve rounded up lots of options for easier brush cleaning.

Semzany Makeup Brush Roll Holder
A proper case is essential for keeping your makeup brushes in good nick and this one will hold even the largest collection. Waterproof and dustproof, it's easy to roll and, crucially, to clean.
This deep cleaning sanitiser
For deep cleaning makeup brushes, this innovative formula is a real winner. If you’re short on time and can’t soak your brushes, this is a great quick fix.
These pretty brush pots
These hexagonal makeup brush pots (available in pink and blue) are perfect for safely storing your brushes when not in use. They're chic, stylish, and wonderfully on-trend, with the hexagonal design adding a little extra something.
This clever cleansing spray
This simple-to-use spray is perfect for sanitising your makeup tools while on-the-go. The formula is antibacterial, antiviral, and fast-drying.
This vegan brush soap (FYI, it works like a dream)
This vegan soap is formulated with bergamot and grapefruit with a coconut milk base, offering a deep and conditioning clean for your brushes. It even comes with a handy silicone cleaning mat.
This brush cleaning tray
For easier makeup brush cleaning, this silicone cleansing tool is a real treat, and suitable with your brush cleanser or choice or just a splash of warm water.
This pastel pink drying towel
This microfibre towel absorbs excess moisture from just-cleaned brushes, with 32 elasticated slots to keep them positioned as they air-dry. It's got a hook for hanging, is machine washable, and comes with a net bag perfect for storing it.
This glorious pink and red leopard case
Protect your makeup brushes from dirt, dust, and the u residue found at the bottom of every makeup bag by storing them in a brush-specific case. This standing case not only keeps your tools safe but doubles as a handy standing pot for easy access while you’re perfecting a look.
This super sponge spinning tool
Forget the grind – this deep cleaning sponge kit takes away the hard work, using a combination of warm water and liquid cleanser to remove makeup residue, dirt, oil, and bacteria from sponges quickly and effectively.
This vegan on-the-go brush cleanser
This clever brush cleaning spray dries instantly, making it perfect for when you’re swapping between different products with just one brush. Once the smart solution is spritzed onto your brush, it quickly lifts makeup residue from the bristles, for a quick (and hygienic) brush refresh.
This cult brush cleaner
An Instagram and TikTok favourite, this is the one. It’s easy to use and FYI, it really does work. Fill the base with warm water and your liquid cleanser of choice, pop the brush inside, turn the device on, and the swirling motion will quickly wash any trace of makeup away.
This brill brush cleansing balm
This mess-free solid balm (dermatologist tested and approved) gives the deep clean – it’s also super simple to use. Gently swirl the bristles in the balm, pop the cleansing pad in the cap and add a small amount of warm water, then swirl.
A brush organiser and drying stand in one
This innovative brush organiser doubles up as a useful drying rack. Instead of leaving your brushes to deteriorate at the bottom of your makeup bag, it separates them, preventing damaged bristles and loss of brush head shape.
This silicone mat set
For lifting away stubborn pigments, these handy silicone cleaning mats are super useful. Made from premium, BPA-free silicone, they’re compact, lightweight, and super durable, with the seven-part design perfect for all textures of brush.
This antibacterial cleanser
This antibacterial (and cosmetic grade) sanitising spray offers ultra-hygiene purification levels, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The aloe vera spiked, fast-drying formula is a favourite with makeup artists, working even on stubborn formulas like concealer and lipstick.