Yinrun's Big Brother Entrance Has Already Inspired The Internet's Favourite New Meme

A new meme is born.
Yinrun enters the Big Brother house
Yinrun enters the Big Brother house

The Big Brother house opened its doors to 16 new housemates on Sunday night, as the original reality show returned to our screens after five years away.

Of course, social media had a lot to say about the launch show – which was hosted by new co-presenters AJ Odudu and Will Best – but there was one moment which quickly became the internet’s favourite new meme.

As part of the 90-minute episode, the new housemates had to play a series of party games, which had dire consequences if they were to lose.

One such game saw the first set of contestants playing Musical Statues, just as latest entrant Yinrun walked in.

Upon seeing her new roommates all frozen to the spot, she headed back towards the door to hide behind a wall – which soon inspired a stream of memes...

The first night later saw housemate Jenkin stripped of hot water and his suitcase, and another – Dylan – being forced to sleep on the floor.

Meanwhile, Olivia became the first contestant to be put up for the chop – even if Big Brother did change his mind about this mere moments later, giving her the chance to change her fate with a secret mission...

Big Brother airs from Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2.


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