Yoga Speed Dating Could Be The New Way To Meet Someone - Would You Try It?

It gives ‘hot yoga’ a whole new meaning.

If you thought you’d never find romance doing downward dog, think again. Yoga speed dating exists, so you can ‘be at one’ with yourself - and the person in lycra opposite.

Just like traditional speed dating, where people go around a room switching partners every few minutes, yoga speed dating sees 40 yogis swap partners throughout the evening in a “hot, sweaty and intimate” setting.

You can then practise paired yoga moves and either chat away, focus on the moment or silently sob.

GoSweat / Julenochek

Yoga speed dating, as a concept, might sound like a bit of a stretch (ba-dum-tsh), but Cassie Aurora, a teacher from the Midlands, is all for it. She wanted to give her yogi pals a space to flirt and thus... yoga speed dating was born.

“I can’t help but feel the dating game has become somewhat stale and horribly clinical,” she said in a statement. “But a few minutes on your mat with a total stranger will tell you if there’s an instant connection.” (Or it’ll tell you if you should’ve stayed in watching Netflix.)

According to, which runs the classes, each dating session will consist of a range of “fun, flirty movements which are of course designed to be done as a couple”.

For those who are intrigued, classes can be found by visiting and searching for ‘Yoga Speed Dating’. Sessions are being added throughout the country over the next few weeks.

We probably won’t see you there.