01/09/2017 14:44 BST

You Can Now Buy A Prosecco Glass That Holds An Entire Bottle Of Fizz

For those 'too fabulous' to queue for refills 💁

The one downside of Prosecco is that it tends to come in flutes that are all too easy to chug in two mouthfuls.

But thankfully, some wise inventors have created the perfect solution.

Gift site The Present Finder is now selling a giant Prosecco glass that can contain an entire 750ml bottle of fizz.

The wondrous product will set you back just £14.99 and looks surprisingly like a standard flute. 

The Present Finder

The makers say their super-sized creation is the perfect gift for lazy or VIP Prosecco lovers.

“No more refills with this glass in your hand, simply pop the cork and enjoy,” the website states.

“Ideal for those extra special celebrations, we also think this gift will hit the spot if you are simply too fabulous to queue.”

The website encourages responsible drinking, but says the novelty item is ideal “if you just want to poke a little fun”.

We predict these will be very popular come New Year’s Eve.  

H/T: Liverpool Echo 

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