'You Should Have Stuck To The Autocue': Sky Presenter Rinses Lee Anderson Over 'Islamophobia' Row

Trevor Phillips poked fun at the GB News anchor after he lost the Tory whip.
Trevor Phillips had some advice for Lee Anderson.
Trevor Phillips had some advice for Lee Anderson.
Sky News

Trevor Phillips has mocked Lee Anderson after he lost the Tory whip for refusing to apologise for comments he made about Sadiq Khan.

The Sky News presenter told Anderson - who anchors a show on GB News as well as being an MP - he should have “stuck to the autocue”.

Anderson sparked a furious political backlash after he said the London mayor, who is Muslim, had “given our capital city away to his mates”.

He said “Islamists” have “got control of Khan and they’ve got control of London”.

Khan described the remarks as “Islamophobic, anti-Muslim and racist”, while senior Tories also condemned them.

In a monologue at the start of Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips on Sky News, the presenter said: “My fellow television presenter Lee Anderson seems to have accepted that his side hustle as MP for Ashfield may be coming to an end after the Conservative Party suspended him yesterday.

“You should have stuck to the autocue, mate.”

Deputy prime minister Oliver Dowden later told Phillips: “What he said was wrong and words matter.

“He was given the opportunity to apologise and he didn’t do so and so we removed the whip.”


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