trevor phillips

Shami Chakrabarti accused the PM's own ministers of "pouring fuel on the flames of polarisation" across the UK.
The chancellor refused to "go into details" about the "extremist" groups Rishi Sunak claimed are trying to "tear us apart".
The Sky presenter said voters did not know what the party stands for any more.
Trevor Phillips poked fun at the GB News anchor after he lost the Tory whip.
Councillor Azhar Ali has apologised for his "deeply offensive, ignorant and false" comments.
Trevor Phillips pointed out that the Tories have lost the support of two generations, too.
Gillian Keegan repeatedly refused to guarantee the free places previously promised by the government.
"This was incompetence," Sky News' Trevor Phillips said.
Trevor Phillips hit out after the prime minister said the UK could be "overwhelmed" by foreigners.
The deputy prime minister was left squirming on Sky News when shown a list of Tory failures.