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Labour Party demands inquiry "has the support and confidence of the BAME community".
Exclusive: This has sparked outcry from people from BAME communities with many branding the move as “shameful” and “alarming”.
The number of people infected with coronavirus topped 110,000 across the world, but it's not the only story in town.
Former head of the equalities watchdog faces investigation and could be kicked out of the party.
The demonstration over the deaths of 13 young Black people stopped traffic on Blackfriars Bridge and signalled a turning point in the movement for UK race equality.
A former equalities chief has accused Liverpool of “wallowing in victim status”, according to Kelvin MacKenzie, and defended
It is possible to build an alternative without pandering to discriminatory, backwards and racist ideas. As an experienced anti-racist campaigner, Trevor Phillips should know better. Meanwhile the snowflakes will continue to build a movement for a society that enables freedom and liberty for all, not just the privileged few.
'Had it occurred to you that the Muslim friends you have might not be entirely typical of people who live in Burnley or Dewsbury?'
"I don't think I'm saying anything that shocking or particularly that new," says Trevor Phillips, the self-described 'Prophet