Young Boy With Cancer Was Comforted By Two Puppies To Help Him Sleep At Night

'My heart grew full when I saw this.'

A mum has shared a throwback photo of the moment her “heart grew full” when she found her son, who had cancer at the time, sleeping with his puppies.

Shan Benson, from the US, explained that her family had welcomed two new puppies just three days before they received the shocking news that her son, Jack, had been diagnosed with cancer.

“When the news came I thought maybe we needed to return the pups,” she wrote on the Love What Matters Facebook page on Tuesday 4 July.

“But we didn’t. We knew the puppies would bring joy to my older twin boys and to my son going through treatment.”

Benson explained that when Jack felt weak following chemotherapy, he always asked to have the puppies sleep with him.

“One morning, I walked into his room to look in on him and my heart grew full when I saw this,” she wrote.

The photo showed one puppy was nestled in Jack’s neck while he slept and the other puppy lay in the background.

Benson commented on the post to update people on how Jack is doing now.

She wrote: “Our family is delighted to also share that Jack is now a two time cancer survivor and is living and loving life to the fullest with his two puppies.

“Thank you for the kind words and prayers.”

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