YouTube Musicians Perform The 'Friends' Theme Tune In Nine Different Styles

So no one told you life was gonna be this way 👏👏👏👏

A bunch of famous YouTube musicians have come together to create one of the coolest collaborations ever, performing the famous ‘Friends’ theme tune in nine different musical styles.

The video series features such viral heavyweights as Rob Scallon, Anthony Vincent, Hank Green, Andrew Huang, Landon Austin, Dan Bull, Taryn Southern, Todd Bryanton and Craig Benzine. That’s a combined followership of over 6.7 million subscribers.

Heavy metal - Anthony Vincent and Rob Scallon

Old school rap - Dan Bull, NLJ, Veela and Andrew Huang

Acoustic - Landon Austin and Rob Scallon

Video game style - Todd Bryanton and Andrew Huang

Orchestral - Craig Benzine

Country/Folk - Taryn Southern and Andrew Huang

Trance - Andrew Huang

And they even put the whole thing together as a medley

How awesome is that?

We bet you’ll be humming the song all day if you made it through all those videos.

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