Sorry, You've Been Cutting Bread Wrong Your Entire Adult Life

This is how the pros do it.

If you think you’ve mastered how to make a sandwich, think again. Chances are you’re probably cutting your bread wrong.

Instead of cutting a loaf from the top, cutting from the side will give you thinner, more consistent slices that won’t be squished.

It might sound crazy but trust us, it works.

The somewhat unusual technique shot onto our radars after restaurant worker Sarah Jampel wrote about it on the website Food52.

According to Jampel, the method works best for bread that has a tough crust “where it would take a lot of pressure to penetrate the top layer” or delicate or filled loaves “like a chocolate swirl brioche or rhubarb swirl bread”, which are susceptible to squashing.

She said she’s seen the method used at professional kitchens and bakeries alike and if the method is good enough for the pros, it’s good enough for us.