Yup, Gwyneth Paltrow Has Never Watched This Blockbuster Movie She's In

"I’ve never seen it I can’t keep track of who’s what. But I probably should at some point."
PATRICK BAZ via Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that she hasn’t actually watched one of the biggest blockbuster movie she’s starred in.

Yup, while making an appearance at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, the Pepper Potts actress shared that she’s “stopped watching” the MCU movies — notably Avengers: Endgame, in which she stars alongside Iron Man actor (and on-screen husband) Robert Downey Jr.

Paltrow revealed that she was quite reluctant to join the MCU in the first place – with her first appearance being Jon Favreau’s ‘Iron Man’ back in 2008.

“They said it’s going to feel like doing an indie film. We’re gonna have fun and you don’t have to be in too much of the action part anyway,” the actress told the audience, some of whom were wearing Marvel merchandise according to Variety.

“They hired Jon Favreau to direct who was great. And they hired Robert Downey Jr., who was unhireable at the time. His career was at a very low point,” the actress continued.

“So I thought, Oh, okay. And we had such a good time. We improvised almost every scene of that movie. We would write it in the morning in Jon’s trailer, and it was like doing [an indie] film,” she added.

However, she explained, as the popularity of the films changed, so did the way they were made.

“Then, the movie was such a huge hit that we didn’t make them like that anymore. To be honest, I stopped watching them at some point. I’ve never seen ‘Endgame.’ I’ve never seen any of these. I can’t keep track. I probably should at some point.”

When asked at the end of the talk if the star would ever return to acting she said (after a groan): “I never say never. I’m really happy and busy doing what I’m doing. But if one of my best said, please come and do this, maybe I would consider.”


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