"I’ve never seen it I can’t keep track of who’s what. But I probably should at some point."
After his Avengers co-star was crushed by a snow plow, Chris had a life-changing realisation.
The Avengers have assembled for Bridger Walker, who saved his little sister from a dog attack.
This decade has welcomed a host of new films, TV shows and music onto the entertainment scene. The Avengers franchise dominated the box office, while television saw hits like Fleabag, Game Of Thrones and the first female Doctor Who in the show’s history. It’s also been a big year for music, with new artists emerging from One Direction to Stomzy.
Writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely answer Endgame mysteries.
British man jet sets into Belgrade wearing a body-controlled engine-powered suit that has inspired comparisons to the superhero Iron Man. He has flown around 80 times in 26 countries in his jet suit and is also developing an electric version of it.
The latest Marvel film has not disappointed.
From how to avoid them to – more importantly – how to stop being the killjoy who ruins someone’s favourite show.