It is well known that today's world there are problems in the construction of the infrastructure in cities and elsewhere on roads that are now either having to be replaced or modernised. But the methods in which it is done seems to be old fashioned and out of date.

As we live in an age of good communication would it not be a good idea if people were told before roads outside their homes were dug up! But more importantly when they are dug up they should be finished within a correct time.

Often, as far as I can judge, constructions contracts are given to two tasks at the same time, of which one job is done and the other job is waited upon.

The result of this is that quite often one sees roads and places in the city of London that have been left not properly serviced for a very long time. This causes traffic congestion and a great deal of trouble. So many times one travels and one sees no one working in these places: is this because the contract has been too beneficial to the contractor and not beneficial enough to the public?

Could someone take this in hand and do something about it?


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