09/01/2015 06:38 GMT | Updated 10/03/2015 05:59 GMT

I Am Not Charlie Hebdo


With all the never ending rants of how Islam doesn't allow free speech, and the West simply being built upon it, things have gotten ugly - fast. With absolute hatred bubbling, the state of things have become immensely worrying.

I'm simply going to be honest here and say that I'm not one who appreciates the comparison of one brutality and murder with another, but in this case, I think it has become a necessity.

In the year 2014 alone, 17 journalists, ones whom have actually done their jobs as it entails (that needs to be said simply because in a time like today, one has a better chance of finding flying unicorns, than finding a respectable and true journalist), had been murdered in Gaza.


How many people have heard of them? How many people even knew they were brutally killed? Does one journalist suddenly become less worthy than the other, simply as how the lives of Palestinians has seemingly become worthless when compared to their neighbors?

...Just because?

What about THEIR right to freedom of speech? Their families' rights? Their children's? If we want to argue, and stand for something, don't stand for one.

Stand for all.

1. Hamid Abdullah Shehab - "Media 24"company.

2. Najla Mahmoud Haj - Media Activist.

3 Khalid Hamad - The "Kontnao" Media Production company.

4. Ziad Abdul Rahman Abu Hin - al-Ketab satellite channel.

5. Ezzat Duheir - Prisoners Radio.

6. Bahauddin Gharib - Palestine TV.

7 Ahed Zaqqout - Veteran Sports Journalist.

8 Ryan Rami - Palestinian Media Network.

9 Sameh Al-Arian - Al-Aqsa TV.

10 Mohammed Daher - Editor in al-Resala paper.

11. Abdullah Vhjan - Sports Journalist.

12 Khaled Hamada Mqat - Journalist, Director of Saja News website.

13. Shadi Hamdi Ayyad - Freelance Journalist

14 Mohammed Nur al-Din al-Dairi - Photojournalist, Palestinian Network.

15. Ali Abu Afesh - Doha Center for Media.

16 (Italian Journalist) Simone Camille - Photographer, Associated Press.

17. Abdullah Fadel Murtaja.

See those names?

They are the 17 journalists that were killed.

Stripped off their rights to report,

To speak,

To breathe.

I've made no mention of faiths, nor have I listed them down in this post, because simply, it's something that doesn't matter.

People of all backgrounds and all faiths, are being murdered for what they do. By devils who believe that their acts, are for, and by the sake of their religions.

The only difference, is that one gets away with it, and the other doesn't.

So as we mourn over the 12 lives of the Charlie Hebdo Attack, let us mourn for these 17 journalists too.

What happened in Paris had been an act of absolute barbarity, one to be condemned to the highest degree. Just as how it should be, for every other brutality.

May peace and justice come to them, and all those they have left behind.

I am not Charlie Hebdo, I am Humanity.