Charlie Hebdo shooting

The incident is just one of many in which Britain First has been utterly bamboozled in its quest to “take our country back
Most on the list did not get sufficient media attention, the White House said, without specifying which ones it considered
With all the never ending rants of how Islam doesn't allow free speech, and the West simply being built upon it, things have gotten ugly - fast. With absolute hatred bubbling, the state of things have become immensely worrying.
At Least Four Hostages Dead As French Police Storm Two Siege Sites Brothers Behind Charlie Hebdo Massacre Killed In Fiery
Following the tragic events in Paris on Wednesday, Jon Stewart paid tribute to the writers and cartoonists slain in the attack
Google France has marked its home page with a small black ribbon as a tribute to the 12 people killed in the brutal shooting
Competition was tough. There's always one. Some people were even worse. For a time #killallmuslims even trended. And then
Britain First have added 'shameless marketing' to their list of odious attributes by trying to piggyback Wednesday's tragedy