07/09/2015 06:24 BST | Updated 05/09/2016 06:59 BST

The Life Unchosen

Sad isn't it, how it took three-year-old Alyan Kurdi's body to wash up at sea - for the world to be shocked into realization at how astoundingly horrifying the issue of refugees fleeing to Europe are. But somehow, in every article and every post - the word 'migrants' are still widely used. How is it that so many still fail to comprehend that they get on those boats - knowing very well the risks that it holds, not because they want to, but simply because there is no other means for them to seek survival?

They leave their lands and board those boats and go out onto stormy seas, not out of choice - but simply due to the fact that they've ran out of - you've guessed it, choices.

All that they want is to live a life, that you and I - live. They want the chance and the opportunity to live, without having to worry if tomorrow would ever come for them and their loved ones. All they want, is to live a life - that they had very well lived, not so long ago.

None of them had woken up one day and decided that they wanted to be a Refugee.

No one had been given the option to choose whether or not they wanted to leave the countries and abandon the lands that they have lived in their whole lives.

Due to circumstances that they had zero say in, they were forced into seeking refuge from a place they hoped and prayed would take them in.

Dear you who are reading this,

Do you not realize, that the fates they currently face - are fates that you and I could one day too face? Nothing in this world is ever stable. We could all wake up tomorrow, in their position. Would we then like to still be treated and spoken about, like the way we speak of and treat them today?

They're not after your jobs, nor are they there for your tax money. All that they want, is a chance at ensuring their family and children would live.

If you aren't willing to open your doors, at the very least - open your eyes - and your hearts.

It's not a responsibility of a nation over another, it's a responsibility that belongs to all us members of humanity.

Don't let there be another baby Aylan appearing at our seas.

Stop pointing fingers, and asking for change.

Be the change, and let there be no more lives unchosen.