27/12/2015 14:10 GMT | Updated 25/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Awkward Trans Tales

Recently, I did a call-out for awkward stories, and so many people contributed; there were so many repeat stories, almost identical in nature.

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When I first started medically transitioning, I fell into a 2nd puberty, including all the awkwardness and discomfort that being a teenager involves. There are so many new milestones with transition, including name change, new ID, clothing, 'passing' (we'll get back to why this is problematic). Early medical transition is an adjustment stage with potential for confusion from colleagues, strangers, friends and family.

Recently, I did a call-out for awkward stories, and so many people contributed; there were so many repeat stories, almost identical in nature.

As the creators of My Genderation (ongoing doc film project), Lewis Hancox and I have used various filming techniques over the past 4 years to document lives and events. We've pulled together an all trans cast, featuring Lewis Hancox (co-creator), Evie Andrew (extremely popular vlogger on My Genderation) and A Girl For All Seasons (extremely popular guest vlogger) to help create this film featuring embarrassing moments.

The tales were amalgamated into the following situations: 10 highly embarrassing true life transition stories.

1. Trans-guy bulks up at the gym. The other guys offer him dating advice as well as some very unnecessary contraception.


2. A guy at the start of his transition has problems with his wayward packer.


3. Talking on the phone can be a nightmare for most trans people at some point. This is due to variations in the voice, perhaps not yet matching up to our chosen gender.


4. Sometimes it takes a while for friends and family to fully get 'on board' by not calling you by your new name or using the right pronouns.


5. Navigating the toilets can be scary / embarrassing when you're trans.


6. Can you ever really remove all trace of your pre-transition self from the internet?


7. When your school mates discover your needles for hormone injections and assume you're a druggy.


8. When you attend your school reunion and someone remembers you, loudly.


9. When you visit your new GP who hasn't bothered to read your medical history.


10. When you haven't yet changed your ID but still need to function in the world.


Here's the film in its entirety. Hope you enjoy it and please share it!