Critics quickly listed off all the reasons it was essential for children to understand the basics at a young age after Andrea Jenkyns' comments.
Let's just say I'm headed to Trinidad for my next holiday.
"I like boys and girls leave me alone about it please literally who cares."
The "Ocean Eyes" singer was most recently romantically linked to Neighbourhood artist Jesse Rutherford.
"The next day, I was still thinking about our conversation and sitting with the vague feeling that I hadn’t handled it correctly."
"I could have walked away when Steve told me he was mostly interested in men, but I didn't. I felt something beautiful and true blossoming, and I stayed."
Labour's deputy leader said going backwards on LGBTQ+ rights is not the path for electoral success.
“Maybe being gay — something I’d always, on some level, known about myself — wasn’t as wrong, bad and shameful as I’d taught at home.”
Researchers think same-sex activity could be adaptive for animals.