As a member of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, I've enjoyed working with a diverse group of trans people, to produce a succinct document, outlining the path to acceptance over the next five years.
Trans people, including trans young people, don't want to face abuse, we don't want to have our identities questioned on national media, so why on earth do people still believe we "choose" to be trans? Why would anyone choose to go through all this? What we need is support. We need allies, we need our human rights to be respected.
Mermaids is a highly valued charity that offers specialist advice and support to trans people and their families and we hope it will continue to be able to perform this vital role. No parent wants to make the difficulties of growing up any harder for their child and sadly society does not yet fully respect the rights of trans people.
She was told she could wear boys clothes or find a new school.
A transgender schoolgirl in Kent was forced to hire a solicitor after her school threatened to suspend her for wearing female
Far, far more needs to be done. If we are to create a society in which transgender and non-binary people enjoy the same rights as their cisgender friends, a number of changes must urgently take place.
'Everyone was so supportive and said how brave I was.'
A teenage boy announced he was transgender via a poignant Facebook post – which subsequently went viral. Born a girl named
There is no Perfect Time. This means that those with a tendency to procrastinate (and, as a supreme procrastinator myself, I can understand this) can find reasons to put it off indefinitely. If you're repeatedly telling yourself the time isn't right, a little self-examination may be in order.
I hope that Nicky Morgan will publish the Government's response soon, Transphobia is not inevitable, nor is it unbeatable, we need our legal rights. We need to continue working with trans activists and allies to continue the fight for real equality.