11/05/2016 12:27 BST | Updated 12/05/2017 06:12 BST

Ten Uses for Baby Wipes

This morning, I cleaned my entire bathroom floor with baby wipes.

I had hoovered that morning, but there were little dusty bits in the corners that wouldn't shift and they were there taunting me while I was having a wee, so before you know it, rather than going downstairs and retrieving more traditional cleaning apparatus, the bathroom floor was dust-free, shiny and smelling of Pampers sensitive (which don't smell of much at all really). I mean, I wouldn't lick it (I don't generally do this a lot) but it looked alright.

That's not as impressive as it sounds because I don't have a very big bathroom, but it has still made me think.

What the hell did people do before baby wipes?

I have compiled a list of the top ten things one can do with a baby wipe... Please feel free to add your own!

1. Take off the day's/last night's make-up 

Standard. If it's good enough for a baby's bum it's good enough for my far less precious, soft or supple face.

2. Clean up spills and puke from the carpet

Don't judge until you've had a reflux baby. I have a carpet cleaner but it scares the children and it takes effort. You'd be amazed what a baby wipe can deal with.

3. Wipe down surfaces

For appearances only you understand, primarily crumb removal and cleaning restaurant floors of debris. I'd still get out the antibac if I was going to chop veg, I'm not a monster.

4. Get dust off skirting boards

...Car dashboards and basically anything else. Dusting with a duster is for losers.

5. Clean up shoes

OK I'm not entirely proud of this one but it does work.

6. Mop sick, food and other small stains from clothing

Much easier than getting up, going into the kitchen and retrieving a damp cloth. I have baby wipes on hand in every room of the house.

7. Get fox crap off of the dog

He does love rolling in poo. Jerk. If it's too cold for a hosing down outside, then baby wipes it must be.

8. Have a wash whilst camping

Or you know, just feeling a bit lazy. What?

9. Wipe babies' fingers, faces and bums

It had to feature on here somewhere. Honestly, a wet cloth is nowhere near as effective, and then you have to wash it.

10. Use as a small white flag to wave to surrender to your baby as he screams/covers you in poo/pukes continuously and you just can't take it any more


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