The issue put one Instagram creator’s child off food for weeks.
Turns out it can make infants under one seriously ill.
Holly Willoughby has been criticised for commenting on nutrition.
Just when you feel you've got the hang of giving your baby milk feeds, suddenly everyone becomes an expert on introducing solid foods. Alongside the questions of what you're going to give and how, a particular favourite topic is when your baby will start.
Moving your baby onto a solid diet is an important stage, yes. But it's not the rush and precision exercise many will lead you to think it is. In the midst of all the conflicting advice you will likely get, here are 10 evidence based things to think about that will help you make the best choice for you and your baby - and stop you getting too overwhelmed in the process.
One of the most common questions asked around sleep is whether giving a baby solid foods will help them sleep through the night. The idea that introducing solids to a baby early, or giving a baby more food, especially before bed will help them sleep is certainly appealing, but sadly a myth
Because feeding a baby is hard enough before food is even involved
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